Sunday, June 14, 2009

Problems uploading pics -- need help Blotanical friends!

Yesterday, I uploaded a picture to my blog using Picasa, the default vehicle for posting to Blogger, and was leisurely writing my post when suddenly, the picture disappeared and was replaced with an error message. Subsequent attempts at posting photos since then have failed.

I am NOT a computer geek in the least, and have found that Blogger and Picasa are not really that helpful in solving the issue.

So, my questions are:

Has anyone else been experiencing issues similar to this recently, indicating it may be a general Blogger problem?

Does anyone have any idea what may have happened and how to correct it?

How else do people post images to their sites?????



  1. Yes, I have similar problem before. How many photos do you try to upload on the same time?
    Sometimes my image files are too large and it takes too long to upload, or the Internet connection was interrupted, you will see that error. If you have a large image, try to upload one first to test the Internet connection speed, if it works, you can continue with multiple photos in one batch. Otherwise, it's better to upload less file each time for larger size photo. If you want to check your photo size, window explorer (right click on Start icon - select explore, then navigate to you folder and file in Windows Explorer, select View -> Details, you will see your image file size)

  2. Computer maintenance:

    Hope it helps, good luck!

  3. No, it's not's acting like it's uploading, then on the post, it's just a random series of numbers that pop up, but no picture. I'm baffled...

  4. I didn't use Picasa, I am using Microsoft Photo Editor. I post the photo directly to Blogger. Here is what I do: click on New Post -> select photo icon "Add Image", add an image from computer or add an image from the web

    Blogger accepts jpg, gif, bmp and png images, and 8 MB maximum size.

    Images and photos that are uploaded through Blogger get stored in your Picasa Web Albums, which are part of your Google Account. The number of images you can upload is therefore dependent on the amount of space you are using on Picasa Web Albums; there is a limit 1024MB for each user.

  5. I will try using Microsoft Photo Editor. I tried to do it via Photobucket and got the same jargon when I uploaded to Blogger, weirdly enough, when I previewed the post, the picture was there. So, I just wrote my text below the jargon, then published the post, and you can see that it worked -- but something still is not right. Thanks so much for your help!

  6. Perhaps it wasn't necessarily an error post after all, but the configuration for the picture somehow while it was in draft form. Then, as mentioned, when I previewed or published, it was OK. Strange!

  7. I'm sorry you're experiencing problems, but don't give up just yet, because I'm sure that it has a solution, or, will be corrected by itself if you wait a day or so. I used to upload the photos from my files directly to blogger, and sometimes experienced huge spaces from one photo to the next, then had to fix the spaces, and then it would literally take so long I couldn't finish the post. I often do a collage and put lots of photos into one...and have found that to work easier. Of course, you have to upload your photos to the picasa web album, and that ends up using 'allowed space' on picasa...but it's the only way I know so far to get it done quickly. Eventually I'm going to run out of 'allowable' space, and at that point, I don't know what I'm going to do: I just take it a day at a time and will cross that bridge when I come to it! Good luck!

  8. I think it is not your problem, it's Blogger and Picasa issue. They are doing the system maintenance on Sunday, so probably some part of the system is down that time.

  9. I use Picasa for editing pictures. Then, I export them to MyPictures (resize them to 1024 size). When I write a post, I upload the pictures from MyPictures, not from Picasa. Never had any problems. If you have more ???? write on my Blotanical plot. Good luck!

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