Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nearly Grown -- Duckling Update!

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Tess's remaining six ducklings are nearly full grown. Seriously, they are almost as big as she is!

Baby mallards all look like females for a period of time before the males get their distinctive blue-green head and other markings. At first, three of the ducklings were getting a white edge on their wings, similar to females. I was convinced that meant there were possibly three males and three females. However, a day or two later, I noticed that the remining ducks had the white feathers, too. So, either they all are females, or it's still too soon to tell!

Today, Tess and ducklings showed up with a seventh in tow! It's also a mallard and is a little darker than the others, so it's obvious it's one she picked up along the way and not one of hers. She's been a good mother and apparently has adopted this little "orphan".

Very sweet!


  1. Oh cute!! And what a nice story about the duckling adoption.

  2. They are so cute! It is the mother's nature to adopt the little one.

  3. They look so happy together. And cute too ;-)

  4. I love that Tess has taken the orphaned duckling "under her wing." Adoption is a beautiful journey!

  5. Yes, I know that you would appreciate that aspect!

  6. What a sweet mom to adopt that little orphan! I hope the rest of his family is okay, and that he just got separated.