Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Recap

June can be such a swing month here in coastal Virginia! Although I have only lived here for five Junes now, prior to that, I have vacationed here on Chincoteague Island since 1992. My favorite month to travel here was, guess -- June!

I refer to June as a swing month because one can never tell what the weather will be. Mostly, it's just a gorgeous, gorgeous month to be here. It's warm, but not too warm. The humidity is generally lower than July or August. The breezes off the water make for delightful living.

June seemed have mixed reviews, weather-wise, according to many of my fellow bloggers on the Blotanical site to which I belong. But, I am not complaining...

Actually, let me back up a bit. May was atypical -- very cold and rainy. It was NOT conducive to gardening for the most part. When I WAS out there, I was overly focused on my tomatoes (as anyone who reads my blog knows!), to the detriment of other crops. For instance, while my lettuces were coming along nicely, I wasn't succession sowing more seeds. Then, there was a wonderful vacation to Cape Cod that took me away from the garden. Before I knew it, June had arrived.

June on my little island was the perfect combination of sun and rain that has made my garden thrive. While we've had some torrential storms mid-month that resulted in the demise of my lima bean crop -- save for one lonely seedling -- it mostly rained at night. How cooperative is that? The daytime temperatures ranged from the 70s to the low 80s, with a few hotter days thrown in here and there. Low humidity, ocean breezes...bliss! Nothing like the blistering heatwave of 95+ degree weather that kicked off June, 2008!

So, as such, I was able to finally get more lettuce seeds sown, including a packet of mizuna, which is my favorite salad green. It's all looking good, as are the dandelion greens -- goose food, but I actually like them, too.

As we turn a new calendar page today, my hat's off to a beautiful month of June, now past. Here's to July -- may you be as glorious!

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  1. Lovely to know June has been a beautiful month down there. The photo you captured of your lettuces is divine! You'll have to report your plans for July...

  2. Such a nicely written post. Maybe I should move to where you are - We only had 7 sunny days during the entire month of June in Massachusetts. YUK! -Jackie

  3. Hi Island Garden, it would be nice to see your mizuna grow ;-) i like this salad vege with butter lettuce... yummy! and... happy July!!!

  4. May June come again and again and there must a lot of memories gathered through FIVE Junes.... I stay where I am now just a short TWO Decembers. cheers, ~ bangchik

  5. Thanks for the visit and the comments on the kittens. Your tomatoes are looking really good. Mine are still just green, nothing remotely ripe yet.

  6. I love June too! Ours was sunny for once!

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