Sunday, April 5, 2009

Someday, My Prince Will Come...

Just not today, apparently!

This morning, I was out in the garden. It's an endless cycle of spring cleaning, planting, more cleaning, then more planting...on and on. A gardener's work is never done -- especially this time of year.

As I lifted up a pile debris, I felt something squishy. Presuming it was a worm or a slug, I was pleasantly surprised because there, in my hand, was the tiniest of tiny baby frogs!

Down into an empty bucket he went, while I ran in the house to fetch the camera. He cleaned up well, I thought, and he very sweetly posed for a picture.

So, I kissed him and when he didn't turn into my handsome prince, I sent him on his way. I suppose he was just an ordinary frog or toad! Oh well, hopefully, he will not hold it against me that I disrupted his safe haven and will return and eat lots of bad bugs in my garden!


  1. Good thing he doesn't live under your house. I have some obnoxious bull frogs under my house and they are loud. I hope they eat bad things because I firmly believe they better earn their keep for keeping me up at night. I have actually gotten used to them and am glad they have a safe haven, just wish it was under the shop instead. Maybe the next one will be a prince:D


  2. Perhaps he's gone to fetch his friends?

    Esther Montgomery

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  3. I can just hear your bullfrogs, Heather, in 3-part harmony like in the Budweiser commercial! HA!

  4. Frogs are great. Alas, my dogs would not let one survive for long in my yard.