Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Proven Theory!!!

In my post, dated March 27th on Succession Planting, I noticed that many blog writers were commenting about the absence of tomatoes in the White House Garden. Based on my observations of the plot, I posited that what was publicized at the moment was the "Spring" garden -- minus tomatoes, because it was too early to plant them in D.C. at the moment. I gave full confidence that tomatoes would be present in the "SUMMER" garden.

Tonight, on the national news, President Obama exercised the new First Dog, Bo, on the White House lawn and made this quote: "Portugese Water Dogs like tomatoes...Michelle's garden is in trouble!"

Sounds as if there are definite plans to have tomatoes in the garden. Hence, a proven theory!!! Should be able to plant them up there in a few weeks!


  1. Good luck to the tomatoes... give them some space... haha... cheers! ~ bangchik

  2. I actually crowd mine more than I should -- I am a fanatic for them and always buy too many!

  3. Yeah, the white house will have all the colors in the garden now!