Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eggs, Cracked and Scrambled!

My last post featured a photo of an egg laid by my goose, Phoenix. As promised, here is a photo of the same egg, only in its "raw" state, next to the chicken's egg for comparison.
There is absolutely nothing like the gorgeous deep orange color of a fresh egg! Can you believe the size of the goose egg yolk? They are also so incredibly thick and require a good strong whisking to mix them up. No wonder they are excellent in baking!
Oh, and the egg shells themselves...rock solid, not too easy to crack. That's because the girls just GOBBLE UP the pulverized oyster shells I give to them as a digestible source of calcium, which is much needed during laying season. Perfect for composting in the garden later.

This just made me just chuckle later: Did you notice that the pattern on my Polish pottery dish just happens to look like fried eggs? I swear it wasn't planned! It must have been subliminal!

Of course, since I cracked the eggs open, I had to use them, I added one more goose egg in for good measure and scrambled them up. As mentioned last post, they are a bit too rich for me to eat like this -- and, believe me, I have tried. So, in this case, they were enjoyed immensely by my dogs and cats!

So, my message to everyone is: If you haven't tried a fresh egg -- I mean a really fresh one, right out from under the bird -- whether it is from a chicken, goose, duck, guinea hen, please do so! You will never want to eat any other!

(P.S. -- Thanks, Heather, for your tips in how to post more than one photo!)


  1. Lovely ..... wasnt it nice to eat a really fresh egg.. cheers! ~ bangchik

  2. Those eggs are huge. Good job goose mamma! I ordered all of my chicken (30) yesterday and I can't wait to get them. Then I will be scrambling pretty eggs just like you. I am glad that the photo adding instructions helped. I figured it was pretty confusing as I am not a good explainer. But either way you figured it out.

  3. We are lucky to have friends who raise chickens, so often we are given a dozen or so of lovely fresh eggs.

  4. I have been itching to raise some chickens for quite a while now. Never have I tried a fresh egg before. Your post has really got me wanting to now!

  5. Hello, I found your blog while researching fresh eggs in Sydney, Australia - your eggs look sooo beautiful!- I have an organic garden in Sydney (I want to have a go at heritage plants)and wonder if you have any advise about keeping chickens,is it difficult/time consuming?, it's wonderful the number of people creating gardens, my name on Blogger is redterri