Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Been a While...My Blog Revisited

Here I am, well over two years since my last blog post, wanting to have another go at it.  I totally enjoyed my brief stint at blogging, but just stopped cold after my dog Dallas died (see the previous post).  While mourning his loss, I just didn't feel inclined to put my attentions toward fall plantings, hence there were no further blog posts.  Quite honestly, the next spring, my garden consisted of just the basics and the year after that (last summer), I really just tended my herb garden. 

This past December, I moved from my little island where I lived for almost seven years to a little town on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Where I once lived with the Atlantic Ocean at my backdoor, it's now the mighty Chesapeake!  While I no longer live on an island, I still quite literally have water all around me!  The issue of no longer living on an island is a bit at odds with my blog title...I might change it at some point, but for now, I will leave it be.

If you have read my blog before and find it again, I still have my collie, Riley.  My cat Rosey, one of the four kittens, has made the move with me, too.  Sydney and Phoenix, the geese, are alive and well and are still on Chincoteague Island for now, and perhaps for always.  They are very happy there!  Oh, and there are actually three geese!  I added a third, named Brie (she's a French Toulouse) right around my last post.  She absolutely ADORES Phoenix, following her like a shadow, but she and Syd have a love-hate thing going on. 

My current home is on 9 acres of land which used to be a farm at one point.  The previous owners had a greenhouse business (greenhouses still there, in various stages of disrepair) and also built skate and snowboards in a workshop.  The property is currently owned by a local waterman and his wife, who caretakes a farm down the road where they also currently live.  She actually sells her produce and eggs at the local farmers market in season.  Eventually, they will move here, but for now, it is my little corner of the world!

Sooo, I have some definite ideas of what I want to do garden-wise, because I definitely have the "bug" again!  But, that's another post...

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